About this blog

In the slow cooker of my mind, this blog simmered for about a decade. With four little princesses, musing was a luxury that most frequently occurred in the middle of the night, skin-to-skin with a hungry baby. Those holy moments were a mixture of pondering and praying.
Fast forward to the present. My oldest daughter is on the cusp of graduating from college while the second gets ready to start, the third is in high school and I’m savoring the last year of elementary with the baby.
40+ musings are now over and have morphed into 50.
Retrospect is now a part of my parental journey. Here I ponder the traditions, rites of passage, celebrations, relationships and lifestyle choices that have imprinted on my children’s hearts and stories. I hope that God uses these vignettes to spark your imagination as you shape and mold your own customized family story.

May God’s redemptive purposes flourish as we invest ourselves in this legacy.


One thought on “About this blog

  1. You can’t imagine how much I enjoy reading each story, Hope. Although even though we are cousins we haven’t had the opportunity to live close enough to be close enough! I feel I am privileged to get a glimpse of your life and in a sense get to know you – part of my extended family! Thank you for sharing.

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