Lent Day 5: I’ll Rise but I won’t Shine


WARNING: This post will not make any sense to morning people.

I’m not going to survive 40 days. Let’s just let it be known that 7:45 + no sugar = extremely sleepy (potentially crabby) Robyn. So far today I’ve nodded off in the shower, my head dropped into my cereal, and I stumbled into the wall about 7 times. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into when I made the commitment to get up at 7:45 everyday. My intentions were good.  I wanted to be able to get up in the morning with a clear mind and energetic body like this:

(Disclaimer: In the outdoors scenes, that’s our swimsuits under our Tshirts.)

It’s not happening!

Something had better change soon because I would really like to be conscious while Mommy reads the Bible.  We chose to read Matthew as our text by process of elimination. So far we’ve covered Jesus’s birth, baptism, and the scene where Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. When I’m still half asleep, God’s Word isn’t very compelling. This makes it hard to dialogue with mom afterwards.

Mom: “So, what impacted you in this chapter?”

Robyn: “…Ummm……(opens eyes)………………………”God protects?”…

Mom: “That’s too basic. It’s a Sunday school answer.”

But that’s about as deep as I’ve been able to go at the moment. I’m not feeling very spiritual about this, which is frustrating because I was hoping for an immediate “spiritual high”.  Mom says sometimes we have to wait patiently for the Lord.  In the meantime, I will continue to try to keep my commitments.

And since sweetened drinks are taboo, I may need to learn to drink black coffee….

by Robyn
by Robyn

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