Lent = Life Lesson


Last Sunday was my Grampsy’s 9th heavenly birthday. It makes me feel happy to have so many good memories of him.  I remember his low, grovelly voice and the way he used to clear his throat when his allergies were bothering him. Grampsy liked to tell me stories about the Great Depression and how God took care of his family.  We played hide and seek and he took me to the park.  He always worried I’d fall off the slide and “break my noodle”.  “Be careful now” was one of his favorite phrases.  What I liked best is how generous my Grampsy  was when it came to treats.  He would buy popsicles, ice cream cones, chocolate bars, cookies and donuts for all his little granddaughters.  So in honor of Gramps, Mommy decided we could make an exception to our “no sweets rule” on that day.

Wanting to celebrate Grampsy’s memory all day long, I started eating sweets at breakfast.

Here’s my menu for the day:

Breakfast: 3 of Lily’s famous chocolate chip cookes

Snack:  2 more cookies

Lunch:  Left over Roast and Potatoes and 2 more cookies

Dinner: Pizza

The grand finale:  a 5 scoop sundae with hot fudge, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and whipped cream.

Words fail to express how amazing that ice cream tasted!!!!

Unfortunately, I had to face the morning after on Monday.

I had been getting used to resisting sugar and it was easier for me but after I tasted it again desire fueled temptation.  I noticed sugary treats everywhere and they were calling my name.  I felt like a Veggie Tales character in Larry Boy and the Bad Apple being chased down by Temptation.

I wonder if this is how it feels for people who have other kinds of addictions.

I’m glad that mommy and I are doing this together.  It’s nice to have someone to moan and groan to when we want to eat something we shouldn’t and I’m also happy that we can be each other’s cheerleader.  Mommy says its accountability.  According to her, it’s really important to have a couple of people in your life who hold you to your commitments and call you on it when you don’t keep them.

By Robyn

She says we’re learning a life lesson here.  That this is more than clothes and food and drinks and getting out of bed at 7:45.  We’re applying Ecclesiastes 4: “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.  If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble…”

Better go practice my life lesson on Mommy.  She’s gazing admiringly at the chocolate chip yogurt……..

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