Countdown to Easter

by Robyn
by Robyn

It feels so good to see light at the end of the tunnel. So far, I’ve survived 42 days of boring food and clothes, but in 5 more days it will be Easter. I love the feeling of anticipation (and I’m definitely feeling it now), but I’m afraid that I’m so excited for sugar and pretty clothes that I might miss the importance of Good Friday or even Resurrection Day. I mean, will I be happy because Christ has risen, or because I can eat chocolate and wear a beautiful dress? Back in pre-school and pretty much all the way up to elementary school, all of my Sunday school teachers around this time of year would tell us that Easter isn’t about chocolate bunnies or colored eggs, but about Jesus and His victory over sin and death. My family never did Easter baskets or egg hunts, so I always thought it was funny how some people actually got more excited about these things than they did about Jesus. But, I guess those aren’t the only things that can distract us from Jesus…..

To try to keep focus on what is really important, my family celebrates with a variety of traditions. We go to church several times– to Maundy Thursday service which commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus, Good Friday service which acknowledges Jesus crucifixion, and of course, church on Resurrection Sunday. Easter starts with an all church breakfast. Here at home, Mommy and I continue reading together through Matthew following the Easter story and praying for help from God to finish well. At dinner time, we’ve been singing a Lenten and Easter hymn together for the past 6 weeks and just added our Easter egg devotions.

Maybe Starla understands Holy week better than I do…



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