Countdown to Thanksgiving: Day 8

DSCF7952Today I celebrate learning.

Thank you Father, for the kaleidoscope of opportunities to learn, to grow, to exercise the minds that you’ve given us, to mix and sift, to knead head knowledge around thoroughly enough to shape it into a worldview that has you large and in the center.

I am grateful for all the ways our lives have intersected with institutions of learning.
It is an honor for Brian to be shaping students preparing for kingdom building work.
And our own little home is a center of education. It has been a privilege to individually craft a home school plan for each of our daughters. I have loved the fluidity of learning at home. Today I reflect gratefully on countless pajama morning math lessons and cuddles in an oversized chair for read aloud time. Thank you God for the ways that home schooling has provided a safe haven for the girls during their most vulnerable and formative years. I am also thankful for the abundance of resources that fill educational gaps like co-ops, classes and play groups we’ve benefitted from along the way. It’s been a beautiful journey for our family and I am grateful.
Thank you for college education. I love Wheaton College! Thank you that it intersected with our family’s life through Angela. What a blessing it has been to listen online to chapel and to converse about topics Angela and her friends are dissecting. I am grateful for your provision one year at a time.
And it has been an unexpected delight for me to audit classes on mental health and counseling this year. What a privilege. I hope beyond personal growth in my own journey of faith and hope, I will bear a greater resemblance to You as I listen and support my family and friends who are struggling.

Grateful today for all that has been learned this past year.

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