Countdown to Thanksgiving: Day 6

DSCF4688Day 6: Health

Today I celebrate the intricacy of how you knit us together, God. Last week when the chiropractor was manipulating vertebrae in my spine and stretching specific muscles, I was awed by the complexity of the human body. It is amazing the way you designed all of our bodily systems to work together symbiotically and they perform their required functions without even our conscious awareness. And all of the chemicals that regulate our energy and emotions, in a constant state of fluxuation, it’s a miracle!

While I’ve got a short list of physical maladies and 3 kids with coughs and colds, thank you God that today, not one person in my inner circle is facing down cancer or another deadly disease.

When I look in the mirror, I see reminders of the cycle of life unfolding. My biological clock is ticking. The evidence is indisputable– permanent wrinkles, a slightly saggy chin and that ever increasing presence of gray hair that my kids keep telling me look like natural highlights.   Thank you God that aging comes gradually. The reproductive system slows down and there are no more babies (but there are grandchildren to anticipate). Stamina wanes. A morning of mopping floors on hands and knees puts me at risk of a week of back pain. It’s all of these gentle reminders that whisper we are strangers here, just passing through. Our GPS is set for an eternal home and the unending companionship of the One who custom designed us according to His delight and declared, “It is good.”

Grateful today for the health and strength to do good (Eccl. 3:12)……
Savoring the reflective posture that results from maturity.…..
Humbled by your faithfulness through these almost 5 decades……
Confident that you will never leave me even when I’m too weak, sickly or frail to be useful.
And that is the source of my future and my hope.


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