Countdown to Thanksgiving: Day 2

Scan 19I’m thankful today for family. Not just the family you’ve made out of Brian and I, but on this day I reflect gratefully on the parents that brought me into this world and then grew our family through adoption. It is a privilege to have adoption in my family tree. It has tutored me in love. I am the benefactor of life lessons learned about taking risks. My parents didn’t do the math or wait until they’d mastered marriage or parenting, they just jumped into the deep end and participated in a story of rescue when they believed you called them to it. And it was messy. Still is because we’re all broken people. Orphans—abandoned, needy, desperate children- are set in families with angry dogs nipping at their heels and a boat load of lies about their identity. And that’s not a pretty journey. Maybe that’s why you chose adoption as a picture of your relationship with me. I came to you spiritually broken, needy, desperate and lonely with monsters in my closet as well as  under my bed, and we’re spending a lifetime together–You and me- fighting them off.

Thank you God that I have experienced adoption from both sides of the coin.

I am grateful for my sister and what she has contributed to my 3-2
And as a bonus, my cup overflows with gratitude for those 2 delightful, amazing girls I call nieces. My sister shares them with me so generously and they have my heart. I can’t wait to see them again in 23 days.

God, I am grateful that my family adopted. And I am amazed that you adopted me. Thank you that you are my daddy and I am your daughter.



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