Even In Winter

Counting the gifts in every season, even winter.
Grateful for:
Snow buddies with carrot noses.1EA5BE00-88F1-40E5-AA57-7D8BF1C06A7B62A8BB52-9A1C-4A0E-848E-3EA7343AE13E (1)
Hand me down boots.
Thrift store snowpants.
Catching flakes on our tongues.
54514989-1794-4993-8642-A415B7A5979177EC33E3-B038-4C9F-BB96-C82E972C0689 (1)
Winter walks on the beach.

Hot drinks warming cold hands.
Tubing down hills.
20160122_104435 (1)
A snow shoveller extraordinaire.
Wind whipping blowing flurries.
Snow angels.
Cuddling under warm quilts.
Cinammon Sunset hot tea.
Ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle.
Intricately crafted paper snowflakes.
Cozy warm fires.
Late night bubble baths.
Sparkling, white snow blanketing the ground.
Good neighbors plowing our driveway.
Salt on roads.
Savory soups.
And grey skies invitation to a long nap.

Then, surprise!  Several warm, sunny, melting February days.
Go figure.
Planting spring bulbs in pots alongside my trusty assistant. A foretaste of the next season to anticipate with all of its fresh mercies and new opportunities.
Thank you, God.

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