Round 2: Donald Trump and My First Teenage Boyfriend

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Alexander. He woke up one morning and everything went wrong! Gum in his hair, didn’t get a window seat on the way to school, fights with his friends, no desert in his lunch, had to get a cavity filled and his mom served lima beans for dinner. Remember that story? By the end of the book, you’d like to gently pat him on the back, telling him it might have been better to pull the covers over his head and stayed in bed all day. But it’s too late. I’d be inclined to slap the same title on this political season—actually maybe the whole year—on steroids. We’re down to single digits for the upcoming election and early voters are proudly donning their “I Voted” sticker for selfies on social media. Ughhh…. I’ll be glad when it’s over. But then we’ll have to endure the morning after and it doesn’t take an Enneagram Six to be able to threat forecast the rhetoric. Like a couple of kids playing Candy Land after somebody wins, the loser candidate will accuse, “You’re a cheater!” while the other retorts “I am not.” Until mom breaks up the kafuffle. And the sad thing is, both sides have their own posse of toddler-like tantrum throwers in the ready to pitch a full-blown fit. On the bright side, at least my mailbox won’t be cluttered with political propaganda anymore. My recycling bin won’t have to be emptied as often and I can quit blocking the callers blowing up my phone with automated messages incessantly mining for voting data.   

I’m not very political. I’m disillusioned with the way it brings out the worst in people. But I have friends who are immigrants. One more year and they’ll be card carrying naturalized citizens. I sat in their backyard six feet apart awhile back. “We’re so excited to vote!” they declared, a broad smile spreading across their faces. “We’ve never been able to do that before.” Wow! I can’t even wrap my brain around that reality. I guess it’s easy to take my rights for granted when I haven’t had to flee for my life under dictatorial rule. This privilege to participate in the process, it’s a mercy and my vote, it matters.  

4 years ago pre-election, I wrote a blog post entitled Donald Trump and my first Teenage Boyfriend. Honestly, I kind of forgot what I said in it until I pulled it up on my phone this week and reread it aloud to the cute kid in the picture, now my 16 year-old daughter, who found it hilariously entertaining. Here’s the thing, I need to make a retraction. In the post, I asserted that Trump was sweet-talking republicans, specifically evangelicals, wooing them with their litmus test issue to get their votes, intending a mean break up after he got what he wanted. That’s not what happened and I humbly recant on that point. You could legitimately make him poster boy for the pro-life agenda. You could paint a 30-story high mural with the headshot of President DT on one of his casino towers and say “Thank You, President Trump for being pro-life.”  I’ve seen murals like that on Trump Tower in Atlantic City. It’s just that rather than a headshot of Trump, a half-nude woman with a sad smile and creepy eyes, you know, the kind you see on I-94 billboards going into Chicago, the ones advertising a “gentleman’s” club or a cheap XXX rated shop, that’s what adorned Trump’s entrepreneurial empire instead.  

1 term into the presidency, Donald Trump has a rah-rah cheering section amongst many prominent evangelical Christians for championing the lives of the unborn. Problem is, that the unborn are not the only people who should be treated with human dignity. I can feel the gasps as I type. Before writing me off as a liberal who’s about to denounce my faith in Jesus and go over to the dark side, hear me out. I’m a pro-lifer. I was one of those sign toting, perimeter praying abortion clinic protesters in my 20’s. I’ve never voted for any presidential candidate who does not claim to value the life of the unborn. You can read more about that here: Politics and Bad Hair.  

God cares about ALL human dignity. Created by His design, his love extends to every demographic which includes but is not limited to people whose skin color is pigmented differently than our majority culture, seasoned citizens who are infirmed and vulnerable, human beings who are immigrants—either legal or illegal, children who were born rather than aborted into poverty, instability and danger, males and females who feel confused about their gender and disoriented about their sexuality, and girls turned women victimized by sexual perversion, harassment and assault.   

While Trump has championed the pro-life agenda, he’s decimated the dignity of many other image bearing creations before and after his election to the office of President. Just scroll back through his twitter feed over time or watch his TV appearances on Youtube. He’s regularly crass, careless and compassionless with his words and he takes verbal shots at anyone who crosses him faster than a semi-automatic weapon can unload a round of ammunition. His mouth is a like a cesspool and if that’s not repugnant enough, he’s a sexual predator too. Reports of fondling, grabbing, gawking, forcing his mouth and his penis in places that they aren’t invited are as copious as his real estate holdings. His first wife even accused him of rape. To bottom feeder Howard Stern, Trump boasts about his voyeuristic strategy of using his position of power as a pageant owner to intentionally walk in on and take advantage of naked contestants in their dressing room. And on Access Hollywood tape, he gloats about behaviors that are blatantly sexual harassment at the very least. Meanwhile, in a Business Insider article dated September 17, 2020, 26 women made accusations of sexual misconduct against Trump that substantiate his own admissions and he both denies the allegations and threatens to sue the victims for crimes he publicly boasted about committing. What kind of psychopathology is that? Narcissism maybe? 

With the nature of predatory people and the way they tend toward excessive narcissism, anything that challenges the perpetrator’s grandiose opinion of him or herself is an invitation to a fight. Some perpetrators launch public character assassination campaigns against their victims, while other are litigious, threatening legal and economic ruin to any who would come forward.

We Too: How the Church can respond Redemptively to the Sexual abuse Crisis, Mary De Muth

I’ve heard people defend Trump claiming his victimization of women is in the past. Let bygones be bygones, they assert. Maybe even slap some cheap and easy forgiveness into the mix for good measure. Others take a boys will be boys approach. Some choose to overlook his character flaws because they support his policies. To those individuals, I say, it’s a free country and we all get our own vote. 

My blog represents just me. And I can not stand before God, before my daughters or before my gender with a vote that disregards the human dignity of women. I will not make excuses for a perpetrators behavior. I will not disregard sexual trauma. I will not multiply disgrace on victims who’ve already endured the shame of exploitation. I will not communicate a double standard to the world that makes exceptions for perversions of God’s design for sexual integrity in order to achieve political expediency.

The lives of the unborn, they matter. And I won’t vote for someone who isn’t committed to protecting them. The dignity of girls and women matters too. God says it does. And I won’t vote for a sexual predator. That is my political manifesto.  

In this land of milk and honey where we enjoy Wisconsin dairy frozen custard, Colorado 14ers, all things Apple, Pure Michigan freshwater lakes and Chicago Pizza, surely, we can do better than this. Neither of these candidates represents the great nation that we actually are. With my 1 vote, I get a choice and it’s not just a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I can choose whoever I consider a worthy candidate for the office of President of the United States of America. 1 vote. No more. No less. Fair enough.         

3 thoughts on “Round 2: Donald Trump and My First Teenage Boyfriend

  1. Well done and said cousin. I voted my conscience this year and it was for neither Trump nor Biden. Im saddened that in 2020 our two party system thought this was the best we could offer to our electorate.

  2. I would argue Donald trump is not even pro life. He may be against abortions, but his policies fail to protect the lives and dignities of people who don’t look and think like him. Many claim him as pro life idol, but his actions prove otherwise

  3. Well written my friend. I have struggled since before the 2016 election with Trump’s words and actions. Unfortunately, a vote for neither may potentially result in four more years of what you speak about above. I am going to vote against Trump in hopes that a balance of powers between the three branches of government will set things right again. Here is a great article by John Piper. Maybe you have read it already. But, he provides a fuller picture for Christians to consider. Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin: Pondering the Implications of the 2020 Election.

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